Trailer for Shaun the sheep 2 : encounter of the 3rd kind for the animals of the farm

After a first teaser, unveiled in December, Shaun the sheep : The Farm’s counter-attack provides new images ! The extra-terrestrial will arrive at our friends the animals (and on the big screen) on the 16th of October. There are 4-year battery, 1 April 2015, a small sheep facetious named Shaun took up his quarters at the cinema, after having conquered the small screen. This first feature-length film dedicated to the adventures of the beast wool has gathered more than 1 million spectators in France. In the world, the film has been reported to not less than 100 million greenbacks. This commercial success was accompanied with criticism of particular acclaim, prompting the studio Aardman (Wallace & Gromit, Chicken Run) to undertake a suite. The title ? Shaun the sheep : The Farm against attack. “The animators are like our actors” : meet the dads of Shaun the sheep In the first game, Shaun and his friends had to leave their farm in the country to venture into the big city, in search of their farmer lost. This time, the herd is driven in adventures… intergalactic ! A spaceship crashed near the farm of Shaun. At its edge, an adorable and mischievous little creature, named Read-The. With his supernatural powers, his taste for adventure, and his burps from another world, it is immediately adopted by the herd. 2018 Aardman Animations Ltd. / Studiocanal GmbH Lu-The sows discord on the farm, But when a dark-governmental organization launches his pursuit, determined to catch the little alien, the farm’s counter-attack ! Shaun and the flock will do anything to help Read-The to get back home. Fasten your seat belts and get ready for an epic…to mow of laughter ! The aesthetic of play dough, the dry humor, the return of hilarious characters such as the dog or the farmer… everything that made the franchise a success Shaun the sheep is this ! Paced by the hit Starships, performed by Nicki Minaj, the trailer suggests an adventure even more crazy and energetic than the previous one. One small step for Shaun, a big step for the sheep ? Response to the October 16 meeting ! See the slideshow Slideshow Aardman : these things you never knew (maybe) not on the studio dads from Wallace and Gromit ! 16 photos

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