The chain The CW has unveiled the return dates for its series of mid-season, beginning in January 2019, including the launches of “Roswell” and the last season of “Jane The Virgin”… Friday, January 11, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (continuation and end of the ultimate season 5)

Tuesday, January 15, Flash (season 5) Roswell, New Mexico (start of the series)

Wednesday, January 16, Riverdale (season 3) – the next day on Netflix All American (continued from season 1)

Thursday, January 17, Supernatural (season 14) Рthe next day on S̩rieclub

Friday, January 18, Dynasty (season 2) – the next day on Netflix

Sunday, January 20 Supergirl (season 4) – the next day on MYTF1VOD Charmed (season 1)

Monday, January 21 Arrow (season 7) – right on US Netflix Black Lightning (season 2) – the next day on Netflix

Thursday, January 24, Legacies (season 1)

Wednesday, march 27, Jane The Virgin (Season 5) Monday, April 1, Legends of Tomorrow (season 4) Thursday, April 4, In The Dark (the launch of the series) Tuesday, April 30, The 100 (Season 6) Thursday, may 2, iZombie (Season 5)

A trailer for the new Roswell : Roswell, New Mexico Season 1 trailer (VO)

Will Smith party, Margot Robbie uncertain… Where actually is “The Suicide Squad” of James Gunn ? Warner Bros. The Suicide Squad is finally beginning to materialize, but the first announcements seem to be rather centered around the non-return of some actors… it makes the point ! The producer’s Licensee for Marvel, director James Gunn is at the helm of this new adventure from the DC universe Comics featuring the alliance of super-villains. Generally, the Suicide Squad is a group forced to live together for the time of a suicide mission. In exchange, the government offers sentence reductions or amnesties. Originally, in the comics, the Suicide Squad was used in part to justify how the patients of the asylum of Gotham were consistently (and sometimes without explanation) to escape. James Gunn is the man who has managed to do the unsung Guardians of the galaxy a franchise is extremely lucrative. It is certain that the producers at Warner, expect from him the same feat with super-naughty little famous among non-fans of comics. This is why the director is also the screenwriter of the project, to bring his sense of humor and give a new impetus to the team worship. It is unknown at this stage if Gunn will draw in a comics existing a team ready-made or create his own squadron. The point on the casting, It is now certain that Will Smith will not return in the skin of the sniper Deadshot, for reasons of agenda. Moreover, it is all but certain that Margot Robbie to come back, for the same reasons and the fact that the feature film Birds of Prey is already going to put in a headliner. That said, The Suicide Squad is poised to become a reboot, it is not excluded that some of the characters from the first game reappear played by new actors, Harley Quinn understood ! Remains to be seen if Amanda Waller will return and in the guise of Viola Davis, if the characters iconic are going to (re)make their debut on the screen as Poison Ivy or the Penguin (members of the Suicide Squad original in the comics), and more generally, what villains will be retained in the team. Nemesis (king in disguise), Blockbuster (intellectual genius with a super-strength) or Nightshade (who manipulates the darkness) could be interesting directions both visually and scénaristiquement.
A shoot date and output According to Variety , the first blow of the crank will be given next September in Atlanta, for release in France on August 4, 2021. This will leave two years for Gunn to handle the film from the first clap to the bench, passing by the special effects. This also means that at the time of these lines, Suicide Squad 2 would happen more than a year after Wonder Woman 2 : Films “lives” release date Shazam! April 3, 2019 Joker October 9, 2019 The Batman June 30, 2021 Birds of Prey February 19, 2020 Wonder Woman 1984 June 5, 2020 (the United States) The Suicide Squad August 4, 2021 Aquaman 2 December 16, 2022 (United States) The next DC output, therefore, is “Shazam”, in a month in the rooms : Shazam! Trailer VO